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Agent conditions
1. You can independently assume civil liability for personal or business units
2. The user can independently developed by you open, according to valid service tickets
3. You can provide the necessary technical services and consulting services to users
4. It should have a fixed place of service
5. With rich experience in Internet technologies and business background
6. Has the convenience of Internet communication conditions and the necessary equipment
7. The individual needs to submit personal identification card, business enterprises to submit copies of business licenses
8. The need to deliver some prepaid money, the money is for you to register a domain name, buy web site to use, you can easily apply for business by the system automatically deducts the cost, saving you valuable time

Acting benefits of joining
Agent called to join, is the organization, or the relationship between the head office and continued franchising contract between the two stores. According to Agent's contract, the company must provide a unique commercial privileges, plus training, assisting in the organization structure, management and commodity supply and marketing personnel; and stores also need to pay a relatively reward.
Agent is an economical and easy way of doing business via a commodity or service, and marketing methods, with minimal risk and maximum opportunity to be successful. The service marks licensed to franchisees, to join can join the headquarters of the main image, brand, reputation, etc., in the commercial consumer market, to attract consumers to go to the consumer.
Agent eliminates the investor a lot of trouble. Free Agent investors can use the franchisor's image, brand, reputation, etc., franchisors will offer investors a range of services including technical support, cargo unified distribution. Agent absolutely the first choice for your business.

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